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Research / Publications

Conscious Cities Paper October 2018

An Overview of the Cognitive and Biological Effects of City Nighttime Illumination Including a London Case Study. 

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Coming Soon 5th - International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference Florence SGEM 2018

Historic urban settings, LED illumination and its impact on nighttime perception, visual appearance, and cultural heritage identity. 

Dark Skies / Light Pollution Articles

Otago Daily Times

An opinion piece about the benefits of lighting Dunedin smartly. Click here to read the article.  To learn more please watch the short video below.  To show your support, you can add your signature to the Dunedin Dark Skies Group Light Dunedin Smartly Campaign

Astronomy Education

An article about the Isle of Sark, the world's first Dark Sky Island, and why it's crucial for our happiness and health to see the stars and enjoy natural darkness. Click here to read the full article.

Down in Edin Magazine

This article explores the immense value of Dunedin's Dark Skies and the benefits of becoming a Night Sky City Star Sanctuary. The article starts on page 88. Click here to enjoy. 

Discover the importance of the night sky and why we need to protect it. 


Good Magazine

Uncover the benefits of wonder and it's awesome effects. 

Good Magazine

Discover the importance of the night sky and why we need to protect it. 

Good Magazine

Find out about the surprising  advantages of being Irresistibly Resilient"


Good Magazine

Explore the benefits of silence and also read about an amazing night spent in an off-grid eco cabin made entirely from glass in a secret location.


Dunedin has an opportunity to become a Night Sky City but this depends upon one very important thing - namely the right kind of street lights.

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